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US Credit Series ETF Series Has Launched!

As a standalone strategy or complement to the innovative US Benchmark Series, F/m Investments newly launched US Credit Series gives you a new way to manage your fixed income exposure.

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There is no guarantee that the US Treasury ETF’s investment results will have a high degree of correlation to the applicable Underlying Index of that the ETF’s will achieve their investment objective.

“We believe the potential applications of these ETFs are limitless, and still being discovered,” said Peter Baden, Chief Investment Officer of Genoa Asset Management, Co-Creator of the US Benchmark Series, and Portfolio Manager of the Funds. “Ease of access, tax efficiency, and an impending derivative market on these ETFs are just some examples of why the Funds deliver targeted access to the US Treasury market.”

Why the US Benchmark Series?

Broad, direct access

Gain access to specific US Treasury securities within the ease and efficiency of an ETF.

Targeted use

Single security exposure allows for targeted duration management as compared to a portfolio of bonds.

Increased cashflow frequency

The ETF will seek to pay monthly income, more frequently than the semi-annual payments of the underlying bond.


ETF structure helps reduce and eliminate potential capital gains.

Consistent Exposure

Always own the current, on-the-run US Treasury security. Economies of scale minimize transaction costs and the operational burden of continually rolling to the next US Treasury security as it is issued.


The benchmark Series ETFs enable any investors to express a view on rates - through buying, shorting or utilizing a number of options that will be offered soon.

“We believe the US Benchmark Series will bring revolutionary change to financial markets by giving nearly everyone simple access to the world’s most liquid securities, the US Treasury market,” said Alexander Morris, F/m’s President and CIO and Co-Creator of the US Benchmark Series. “We are equitizing the yield curve.” said Alexander Morris, F/m’s President, CIO, and Co-Creator of the US Benchmark Series.

Why US Treasury Securities?

Safety 1

U.S. Treasury securities are issued by the federal government and are considered to be among the safest investments, because all Treasury securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. This means that come what may—recession, inflation, war—the U.S. government is going to take care of its bondholders.

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Uncorrelated Assets

Historically, Treasury securities have a negative correlation with the equity markets and can be utilized to diversify an investor's portfolio.

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We believe the Yield Curve is the foundation for nearly all investing. These ETFs equitize that yield curve to bring investors of all sizes access to the “Benchmark” US Treasuries in single-security ETFs.

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Source: Bloomberg as of 03/31/204


The US Benchmark Series will allow investors of all sizes to own each of the “Benchmark” US Treasuries in a single-security ETF. Each Fund will hold the most current US Treasury security that corresponds to its stated maturity.

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