About Us

The US Benchmark Series was created by F/m Investments and its subsidiary Genoa Asset Management

Meet the Founders

Alexander Morris

Portfolio Manager

Peter Baden

Portfolio Manager

About F/m Investments

F/m is a $4 billion multi-boutique investment advisor platform, designed to support 100% of non-investment responsibilities within the asset management industry.

F/m empowers growth and independence for boutiques, lift-outs and overseas asset managers looking to access the US market.

F/m provides portfolio managers with institutional-grade investment systems, business operations and marketing and sales support, enabling talented managers to focus on what they do best: managing investments and delivering performance.

Genoa Asset Management is part of the F/m family, managing over $600 million of taxable and tax-free bonds, providing customized fixed income solutions for SMA, UMA and institutional clients.

North Slope Capital is a part of the F/m family, designed as a white-label advisory firm to help advisors navigate the 1940 Act space.

For more information, please visit www.fm-invest.com and www.genoaam.com.