Current US Treasury Rates

Treasury Bond Information
Tenor Issue Coupon Maturity Yield to Maturity as of
Price Our ETFs *
3 MonthUS Treasury Bill0.0008/22/20245.70%98.67 tbil
6 MonthUS Treasury Bill0.0011/21/20245.52%97.39 xbil
12 MonthUS Treasury Bill0.0005/15/20255.41%95.05 obil
2 YearUS Treasury Note4.8804/30/20264.90%99.96 utwo
3 YearUS Treasury Note4.5005/15/20274.65%99.71 utre
5 YearUS Treasury Note4.6304/30/20294.68%99.85 ufiv
7 YearUS Treasury Note4.6304/30/20314.77%99.46 usvn
10 YearUS Treasury Note4.3805/15/20344.55%99.14 uten
20 YearUS Treasury Bond4.5002/15/20444.65%98.76 utwy
30 YearUS Treasury Bond4.6305/15/20544.64%99.84 uthy

* The yields listed for the Treasuries noted are not representative of the yield of the ETF.  See the link for each ETF for current performance, yields, and a prospectus. The expense ratio of each fund is 0.15%.

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